Newbies & Old Hats Trek to Italy

Sep 01

Newbies & Old Hats Trek to Italy

Hello Again!

The Ross family is back! This time we are on a journey to Italy, specifically Florence and Rome, with the Grossmans for 2 weeks! This will be Tawny, Steve, and Justine’s first time to Europe 🙂

Yesterday we drove down to SF from Sacramento. I can’t believe how terrible the air quality is right now, not just in the valley, but even in the bay. We had to drop off the Koa dog at the dog kennel in Elk Grove (I would highly recommend Duck Pond Kennels for anyone needing to leave furry family while traveling). I cried like a total baby when we left him, but he is in good hands.

We spent the night at a motel near the airport, got up early this morning to eat breakfast and catch our shuttle to the airport. We are currently sitting, waiting for our flight. Only 15 hours until we are in Rome, yippee!!!  We will be connecting in Amsterdam. I might have time to post there (5 hour layover) otherwise see you all in Rome!! 🙂

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    And again, have fun

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