Learning Curve

Well, after traveling through Europe for 3 months solid (9 countries and 27 cities) we started “The List.” Below is just a few helpful tidbits that we have learned through our travels.

The List:

  • Always see the hotel/hostel room before you pay.
  • Check the price before you order.
  • If you ask for water, they usually assume you want bottled, so ask for tap.
  • It is possible to drive on the left side of the road.
  • Attempting to speak the local language will usually result in friendlier interactions. Assume someone speaks English and you may run into nasty responses.
  • Eat where the locals eat and do what the locals do.
  • Don’t book travel so you arrive at your destination late at night. Unfortunately, most things will probably be closed, including the information booth you had hoped to get a city map from.
  • In Europe, EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday. Prepare yourself for Sunday on Saturday.
  • Local grocery stores usually have prepared food which is always cheaper than eating at a restaurant.
  • Travel with snacks to satisfy the munchies.