We’re on our way!

Jul 18

We’re on our way!

We’ve successfully made it to the Sac airport and are waiting to board our first flight. We have a layover at LAX for 40 minutes then a long flight to Boston.

It was a little hard to sleep last night, for both of us, because we were so excited (and nervous) to start this trip. I didn’t want to be a story where a couple plans this huge trip and then some accident happens while getting to the airport. So, I’m stoked we’re here and on time! 🙂

Amanda’s dad dropped us off. There were lots of hugs and tears here and when we said good bye to our mothers as well.

Amanda ended up switching from her big backpack to a rolling suitcase early this morning. We both feel better knowing that the 5 bulging discs in her neck won’t be causing any problems. Just hope we don’t break a wheel.

After Boston and Cape Elizabeth, ME we’ll be on our way to Iceland. Wish us luck!



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