Interlaken, Day 2

Sep 13

Interlaken, Day 2

Well, so much for the good nights sleep we had hoped for! One of our bunkmates had a serious case of the lawnmower snores last night. Needless to say, no one slept much, apart from loud mouth. We got up at 7am, intending to do a slow walk up the mountain to Grinderwald with one of the guys staying in our room. Unfortunately, Ryder woke up this morning still under the weather, so we decided to forgo the hike and caught a train back to Zurich to visit the clinic again.

After some blood work and x-rays it’s confirmed that he has pneumonia, but the blood work also showed he is on the mend. The doc said we need to take it easy and avoid high altitudes, so we will not be able to visit the highest point in Europe this time around. We left the clinic and took the train back to Interlaken. The sky is clearer today and we are almost able to make out the tops of the mountains on one side of the valley. We walked down the Aare River which runs through Interlaken and took some good photos. We’re in the hostel for the night, taking it easy and will be on a train tomorrow for Milan!!

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  1. Arielle /

    hey guys! sooo sorry to hear about Ryder not feeling well. that is unfortunate & a bummer, but at least he’s on his way to recovery (fingers crossed)!
    beautiful pictures btw. wow.
    love you guys.
    stay safe (& healthy) & remember– keep having as much fun as humanly possible! ^_^

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