Off to Interlaken

Sep 12

Off to Interlaken


Yesterday was another restful day. We ventured out twice for food and a short walk, but otherwise we read or worked. Ryder’s feeling so much better and will hopefully be back to 100% soon! We still can’t believe how expensive everything is in Zurich! Ryder went to Starbucks for a tall cappuccino for me and grande latte for him. The total was 12 francs! Nuts!

Our hotel in Zurich was really great. It’s right in the heart of the city, and just down one block sits the beautiful lake that Zurich has grown around. We really enjoyed our walk through the city streets and spending time relaxing at the hotel. It started raining last night, then pouring with thunder and lightning! So much for good weather!

This morning we took a taxi to the train station, catching the next train to Bren. From Bren we literally walked off the train and on to the other on the opposite platform to Sprieg. At Sprieg, we hopped off the train and directly on to the next one for Interlaken. The closer we got to Interlaken, the more beautiful our view outside the train. Through the window, Switzerland slowly unfolded before us in a tapestry of mountains, forests, canyons, alpine lakes, and quaint little towns with shuttered windows and pitched roofs.

Off the train and we were standing in a breathtaking valley with mountains on all sides. Imagine Yosemite, but with higher mountains and a wider valley. Unfortunately we’ve got rainy weather, but the low hanging clouds have made the mountains seem more mysterious. I have no idea how high they go, though we did see the snow line on one of the ridges when the rain finally let up! We are staying at a hostel for two nights, in a 6 bed dorm room with three other guys. For those of you who know me, this is a big stretch, but our bunk mates are friendly and I think it will all work out.

We walked through the town a bit, taking it easy. We can’t believe the amount of watch shops here! We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and decided after the $58.00 check to stick with the grocery stores. By the time we got back to the hostel after dinner, it had completely stopped raining. We spent some time in the common room chatting with a couple who also went to Cal Poly and graduated the same year as me! Small world, huh? We played a few games of ping-pong and are ready for a good nights sleep!

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  1. Did Kristi tell you that when we were in Zurich we went to McDonalds (the only thing near our hotel)? I had a “Big & Tasty” hamburger and it was 11.90 swiss francs!!! I couldn’t believe it. Switzerland was the most expensive place we went to, BUT the absolutely loveliest. I am so glad to hear Ryder is on the mend. It stinks to be sick when you’re traveling. I got sick the day we got to Venice, but I was very fortunate that I only ran a temperature for one day and was able to out and about sightseeing the next day. Get some sanitary wipes to carry with you and wipe your hands frequently. Love you guys! :o)

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