Two weeks…

Jul 01

A little over two weeks away and we’ll be setting foot on the first part of our worldly travels!

What?!? Only two weeks left??

Man, time flew by faster than we expected. We’re not ready to leave quite yet, but I’m not sure you can ever be totally ready to travel like we’re going to.

As of now, these are the plans we have set in stone.

July 18th – Sacramento -> Boston
July 24th – Boston -> Iceland

What, you say? Not a lot set in stone, you say? Well you’re right.

Part of this trip is going to be planned but a decent portion will be unplanned. We’re going to ask for and take a lot of advice from other travelers and people we meet along the way.

Our plan right now, which is totally subject to change, is to hop over to the UK after Iceland and have fun there until we can meet up with the parents of one of my best friends in Ireland at the end of August.

Well, that’s it for now. Gotta get plannin’!




  1. Jeff Lowe /

    Very jealous and excited for the two of you. Iceland has always been a target but I’ve never been able to get the plan to work. Enjoy.

    • Ryder /

      Thanks Jeff! When we get back we both want to check out Montana. Maybe we can come share photos and stories about our trip.

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